Christoph Meier

Diretor da Platinn, Platform Inovation

Managing director and founder of platinn (former CCSO). He has been active in coaching SMEs, carrying out over 70 workshops per year, mainly with SMEs and start-up companies, as well as with university spin-off companies. His main expertise is in resource strategy, business strategy, business modelling and cooperation (project consortia and network management). Mr. Meier has an extensive experience in setting up and managing cooperation projects involving partners from both sectors of industry and academia. He is also carrying out special mandates for public institutions engaged in strategic planning and promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mr. Meier was member of the board of the Swiss Federal CTI agency, chairman of the Swiss national Technology and Knowledge Transfer initiative, and a member of the SME Advisory Group for the EC FP7. Currently he his involve in an EU consortium that has been mandated by the European Commission to develop the framework for the business coaching offered to the beneficiaries of the H2020 SME Instrument.